We went to visit our producers in Spain! 

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In The Food Hub at the Quai du Hainaut in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, you will find a quality range of organic products such as vegetables, fruit, dairy products, bread, meat, dry food and drinks. 

The bioshop is a collaboration between Groot Eiland, The Food Hub wholesale and Valdibella, a cooperative of organic farmers. The employees of the shop were looking for work and are trained at The Food Hub with a contract of employment.

Much more than just a shop! 
The Food Hub wants to bring everyone around the same table to create a transparent and dynamic food economy based on the basic principles of Fair Trade. Our aim is to meet the real needs of consumers and to ensure a fair distribution of income. At the same time, the bioshop provides jobs. In short, food with a story.
Nutrition that creates fertile soil, healthy people and community